Looking back on the year 2016 - Gypsysoul
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Looking back on the year 2016

As many of you know 2016 was about chasing my dreams and letting go.

About living for 4 months on the streets of Bali without a plan. Following my intuition and trusting the path. No matter what the outcome might be.

It was an intense year. A year of living in 3 different houses in Utrecht, 4 months in Bali and 2 months of living at the parents again.

A year of listening to little voices no matter what they told me. I made the weirdest choices listening to these voices. From quiting two appartments without back-up options because I just felt I needed to, from not taking a plane back to Europe (even when my luggage was already checked in and the plane was about to leave) to spending all my money trusting it would all turn out to be ok in the end.

I figured out not all of these little voices were actually intuition. Some were just projections of the mind….fears and hopes. On the other hand some of them wère representations of a deeper knowing. The ones to trust. They told me about my future. They lead me to Paris, to a new love, to a new story.

Happy ending you might think. It’s not. It’s not about beautiful endings. It’s about chasing dreams in between. About making mistakes. About being real. It’s ok to find yourself crying for days because you screwed up, because you made mistakes, because you hurted yourself or others. It’s ok to feel shitty. We all do from time to time, no matter how good things may look on social media or outward appearences. No matter how beautiful pictures and stories may seem to be.

One thing I learned last year is that acknowledging to yourself and others, and actually feeling, life has two sides – always- creates more happiness and peace here and now. Because that’s all there is. Here. Now. There is always a plane to catch, always a story to live. But hapiness is within. And I think I might have found a great deal of it last year.

So let go tonight and fall in love with where you are..….happy full moon💫🌕💫