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Do you realise you are made of stars? My paintings and prints are an everyday reminder of our divine nature. An interplay of darkness and light, in a balanced outburst of colours. What started as my own exploration of the world, whereby the spiritual island of Bali has been one of the most profound game changers, is becoming more and more universal everyday.
Do you want an everyday reminder of your colourful essence?


  • “Wat vind jij het allerbelangrijkste in een relatie?” de vraag galmde door de schrille zaterdagavondlucht. Ik hoefde niet lang na te denken over het antwoord. “Eerlijkheid”. “Dat is te makkelijk” antwoordde hij resoluut. “Geef jij iemand ook de juiste bedding voor die eerlijkheid? Ik bedoel......

  • Een mooie dinsdag in september. Een enorme behoefte aan koffie om 17.00 uur ’s middags. It didn’t make sense aangezien ik al bewust een tijdje gestopt was met het drinken van het zwarte goud. Iets met overbelaste bijnieren en een Chinese medicijnman. Maar de gedachte......

  • I guess every beautiful love affair comes to an end one day. No matter how much our ego’s would like to keep holding on to the one thing that brought us so much joy, growth and happiness…and almost start to identify with the object of......

About me

As a highly sensitive young girl, I was already able to feel energies most people don’t feel. By then I wasn’t yet aware of the unique gifts I have, and it scared the hell out of me. As expected I went to university and got my International Business Communication Masters degree. Meanwhile surpressing my highly sensitive nature. A visit to the magical and spiritual island of Bali in 2014, proved to be a profound game changer. I found my tribe and opened up to my unique gifts.


I discovered I was able to become the empty vessel and let what needs to be spoken, be spoken through me by means of colours. What started as a journey of a scared little girl depicting her journey and portraying her exploration, is becoming more and more universal as emptying myself out is an ongoing process. The extremely healing effect my paintings have on people, made that I was finally able to embrace, love and appreciate my true nature.


Being a writer myself too, I am familiar with the Tao concept which says that words are nothing more than fingers poiting to the moon. By focusing on the fingers, you will never experience the moon. Since words are always bound to grammar and social structural agreements, I find even more freedom of expression in the art of painting.